Fact Sheet

Benchmark Consulting is a business process and application transformation company. Our revolutionary capability builds on our expertise in consulting, technology and outsourcing to help clients get the absolute most out of technology investment and create truly sustainable value for their customers and shareholders.

Benchmark Consulting employs people with deep industry expertise and ability. We offer a series of method and technology based services of applying innovation, best practices, and deep expertise to drastically reduce the time and complexity of modernizing business processes and legacy applications.

Along with our people and processes, Benchmark Consulting has invested in creating application modernization tools that make legacy transformation a definable reality. In our commitment to deliver that which is revolutionary, we have developed the next generation application modernization platform. IRISTM (Intelligent Rejuvenator for Information Systems) is a universal component-based modernization framework that assists engineers during all phases of the application modernization lifecycle. IRISTM is the Benchmark Consulting flagship integrated product for porting, migration and full legacy transformation.


Atlanta - Headquarters
Tampa - Research and Development Center
Montreal - Outsourced Development and Modernization Center, East
  • SOA-Enablement
  • Application Transformation
  • Application Porting to the Cloud
  • Application Knowledge Mining
  • Application Change Implementation

Benchmark Consulting provides clients with a partner that is not only expert in IT, but fluent in their industry. This combination of business knowledge and technology expertise allows us to help our clients adapt as their industries change, and in the process, revolutionize their legacy IT investments.

  • Telecommunications
    • Telecommunications strategic planning
    • Telecommunications architecture and infrastructure
    • Contact centers
    • Project management
    • Telecommunications management benchmarking
    • Expense Optimization and Management
  • Healthcare
    • Privacy and Security Services
    • Health Information Consulting Services
    • Compliance Program Services
    • Health Systems Modernization
  • Government
    • Business process services
    • Systems integration and consulting
    • Application management
    • Technology management
    • ERP
  • Insurance
    • Billing
    • Claims
    • Finance and administration
    • Rating/quoting
    • Risk management
    • Business intelligence
    • Document management
    • Insurance business services
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